SoTogether Luxembourg honoured at the 2020 SoTogether Awards

Published on : 8/10/20
  • First launched internally by Sodexo in 2018, the SoTogether Awards are a way to share best practices and celebrate the impact of SoTogether networks on gender equality, diversity and inclusion around the world.

    They are divided into 3 categories:

    Category 1 > The best impact on employees

    Category 2 > The best impact on customers and future customers

    Category 3 > The best impact on gender equality in Facilities Management

    Every two years, the network chairpersons from each country are invited to submit a form detailing a specific project which they have organised, demonstrating its impact in one of the three categories. Sodexo’s global Diversity & Inclusion team uses strict scoring criteria to select the finalists. The emphasis is placed on the testimonials and the specific impact. For this 2020 edition, SoTogether Luxembourg submitted its application and was selected for the rollout of its “Live my Life” project in the category: the best impact on employees.

    «Live my Life is a project that was launched at the same time as our network in Luxembourg, in 2016. We were keen to make this good practice known – and recognised – within the Sodexo Group: it is easy to duplicate and offers real added value for our employees.
    Already rewarded in 2017 with a Diversity Award Luxembourg, bestowed by the Minister for Family and Integration, Corinne Cahen, this initiative also deserved the recognition of our peers. We therefore put together a strong application and then crossed our fingers!»

    Cécile Sompayrac, Chairperson of the Sodexo Luxembourg Diversity Network

    The finalists’ audition for the 2020 Trophies took place on 1 July with a total of six networks competing. Each network had only five minutes to present its project to a jury comprised of members of the SoTogether Steering Committee and the Regional Managers of Diversity & Inclusion. The results were announced on 15 July.

    Category 1 > The best impact on employees: SoTogether Luxembourg 

    In order to combat stereotypes and promote internal mobility, SoTogether Luxembourg created the programme Live my Life@Sodexo (“Vis ma vie à Sodexo”) which allows employees to swap their positions, regardless of education, age, gender or hierarchy, for one day. 

    “Considered a role model by customers, Luxembourg has created a structured and transposable programme, which will soon be part of the employee integration process and which helps to overcome stereotypes related to the roles of men and women, and the resulting obstacles for the latter.” 

    SoTogether Trophies Jury

    Category 2 > The best impact on customers and future customers: SoTogether Turkey

    SoTogether Turkey created a programme to place young women from disadvantaged regions in the kitchens of vocational schools. These women were given the opportunity to develop their own recipes, which were then integrated into the menus at our restaurants.

    “The application of our Turkish colleagues for these Trophies was very convincing. Their enthusiastic presentation clearly demonstrated the strong impact of their initiative on the young women that they encourage to join the sector, and the customer’s testimonial was the deciding factor.”

    SoTogether Trophies Jury

    Category 3 > The best impact on gender equality in Facilities Management: SoTogether UK and Ireland

    Having identified a shortage of female talent in the FM field, SoTogether UK and Ireland launched its SoTogether initiative for Facilities Management, to organise events for discussing careers in this sector – both in Sodexo offices and on customer sites. They also organised an internal version of the SheWorks professional observation programme, offering young Sodexo staff members a chance to discover the different professional careers possible in Facilities Management.

    “SoTogether UK and Ireland’s approach was very concrete, taking advantage of the various opportunities around gender equality in Facilities Management. They used the SheWorks programme to inspire more people to take action. The presentation was very clear and well-structured, using relevant figures.”

    SoTogether Trophies Jury

    We also wish to congratulate the finalists:

    Category 1 > SoTogether India which implemented a health and wellness programme for its employees, focusing on nutrition, and launched a network for junior managers.

    Category 2 > SoTogether Brazil which established the SheWorks Sodexo professional observation programme to support women in local communities, particularly those in vulnerable situations. 

    Category 3 > SoTogether United States led a series of actions focused on Facilities Management to encourage talented individuals and raise awareness of gender equality, such as round tables, web chats, co-sponsorship of World Facilities Management Day, etc.

    See you in two years for the next SoTogether Awards!