Local and Seasonal

The correct choice of the products we work with and offer our customers, is a major daily challenge. Our responsibility drives us to encourage local and seasonal products within our locations. Supporting local food production, improves forging social ties and participates in the economic development of the communities represented by Sodexo. In this way, we have a direct impact on the local economic development of the territories. We allow a bigger availability of fresh products, the increase of our environmental impact and we participate in the quality of life of our customers. The “Locavore“, a movement of people who prefer to eat local food, attracts followers because its consumption pattern makes sense.

Food Safety above All

Our employees ensure wearing masks, gloves and mob caps while preparing the meals. To all, safe catering is based on trust. Sodexo commits to set up and respect the production process and food security as a priority. We are accordingly working on this and on the trainings. Wherever in the world we operate, we respect the current laws and guarantee the quality of products and services preventing risks.


Responsable Purchasing

In partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), we elaborate a responsible and sustainable strategy for purchasing fruit ,vegetables, palm oil, soya, beef meat and dairy products. These primary and indispensable products for our activity are those with the biggest environmental impact. Choosing them wisely will have a positive impact on our environment and in the years to come.


Responsible Purchasing

Since 1966, we are adding a social aspect to our mission. For us, it is essential that our development makes sense, as well as for our employees daily, as for our customers or providers in search of relations constructed on common values, as well as for our shareholders, driven by long-term development or even the millions of people benefiting from our services and who are certain of our positive impact. With this end in mind, we created the Better Tomorrow 2025, our commitment roadmap we are undertaking in terms of social responsibility.

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