Flourishing at Work

Inventing, learning and transmitting are values we wish to inspire men and women with, within their work environment, which we create and animate. Each one must be able to progress and flourish thanks to evolving and innovating ways to collaborate together. This vision, we call “Reinvented Work”, we share it already with our customers, who have made the choice of placing the human being at the centre of their development.

Female co-workers talking

Finding the Right Balance

Every business searches to motivate and implicate its staff, thanks to a work experience and to a favourable culture of fulfilment. Sodexo proposes services to companies, which allow you to reach your objectives, by offering your teams a favourable framework for success, while reconciling a flexible work environment and the respect of your pressure, linked to your core business.

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Hiring Talents

Attracting and withholding talents is fundamental for companies. In your research for the best talents, we help you conceive new sources of inspiration and motivation. The millennials, digitally and socially active, have very precise expectations, which we help you reach, by imagining workspaces that match their needs.

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The Futur is Digital

Thanks to our know-how, we create with you a professional working environment, which is in sync with the needs of your staff. The first objective, of our innovating technologic solutions, is to ensure reconciliation, between professional and personal life.

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Go Beyond Expectations

The salary isn’t the only motivation of the staff. Working in a virtuous company, where social responsibility is at the heart of the managing policy, for them, is a real desire. Our service offers allow creative and innovating workspaces, while taking care of retaining a positive impact on the environment.

"Make the restaurant the living heart of the Workplace"

Discover Sodexo’s vision and our sources of inspiration for the following years to come. We meet the future expectations of your staff, to simplify their daily life within your company.

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