Corporate Responsibility

Eat safely

The choice of our food is primordial because it has a direct impact on our health, the producers and the environment. The rational purchasing choices we make today, allow to preserve tomorrow’s nutrition. Our experts give a particular attention to the nutritive values, the quality and the security of our dishes. We support fresh, local and non-processed products, from sustainable agricultures.

The Origin of our Products

We orient our choices based on transparency and authenticity. Nowadays, demanding customers are allowed to be aware of the content of their dish. Offering transparency to our customers, is valuing the products we offer you daily. These products are largely derived from a local and responsible agriculture, which respects the different seasons of the year.

The Passion of a healthy Diet

Our diet is evolving and our customers are searching for a healthier offer. Eating is a pleasure, our mission is to multiply these moments of happiness thanks to our delicious dishes. We are trying to make you live nice tasting experiences. To accommodate their needs, our chefs and dieticians elaborate together healthy, well-balanced and responsible meals.

Limit Food Waste

Products and food should not be wasted. Our chefs, site managers’ and kitchen personnel are sensitised and put in place initiatives to reduce food waste. But we continuously strive to improve ourselves.

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Aiming for a responsible Future

We are constantly researching new methods to collaborate with our customers in order to deploy sustainable solutions, responding to everybody’s new requirements. Our commitment is to reduce our carbon emission and our customers’. Thanks to our work with different actors in the food sector, we elaborate new ways to produce sustainable food through thepreservation of natural resources.

Where our food comes from

All our services aim to reduce the environmental impact of our customers. Protecting the environment by optimizing everyone’s energetic effect, is a good way to sustainably preserve the resources. Waste management is also a strong preoccupation.

The Global Warming Challenge

Thanks to its service range, Sodexo is fighting against this global challenge with actions like, food waste prevention, valuing vegetable protein or choosing local products.

Achieve more Together

We are convinced that sustainable solutions are achieved together. That’s why, we put in place solid partnerships to reinforce our efforts and accelerate global change.

In practical Terms

We are applying a local approach for our employees and our services. Our commitments strive us to value the social and economic development of territories where we are present. As a leading player in the food sector, Sodexo plays an important role in the communities where Sodexo is present. Forging social ties, allows to satisfy the demands and the local challenges.

Encourage an inclusive Culture…

We are all unique and each one of us has their own story, experience and competencies. This diversity is the strength of our teams and represents perfectly the different communities we serve.

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… and an inclusive Development

Our numerous training programs and career development contribute to the economic and social development by supporting the communities’ commitment.

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Stop Hunger

Committed to quality of life, we are fighting world hunger by supporting internationally the non-governmental organization “Stop Hunger”.

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A responsible development

In 1966, we were part of the first companies in the world to incorporate the social aspect to the heart of our mission. Why ? Because the meaning of our development has always been a concern to us.