Our goals

Creating as strong Company Culture

Loyalty, respect of others and transparency are the guiding principles of our customer relations, but also of our workforce. Creating a strong company culture, is knowing how to develop a relationship of trust, between employers and employees, but also between the staff among the Sodexo teams.

Promote Diversity and Inclusions

Diversity and inclusion are not a legal obligation but are a source of wealth and strength. At Sodexo, we attach a great importance to promoting the equality of chances, to encouraging diversity and creating an inclusive work environment for our workforce.

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Support Personal Development

Because times change and mentalities evolve, we commit to offer our employees diverse professional development possibilities, by offering training opportunities, new challenges, as well as evolution perspectives within our different services, or activity sectors.

Creating a Better Tomorrow !

Since 1966, we are adding a social aspect to our mission. For us, it is essential that our development makes sense, as well as for our employees daily, as for our customers or providers in search of relations constructed on common values, as well as for our shareholders, driven by long-term development, or even the millions of people benefiting from our services and who are certain of our positive impact. With this end in mind, we’ve created the Better Tomorrow 2025, our commitment roadmap we are undertaking, in terms of social responsibility.

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