Taking Action on every Level

At all stages of our work, from ordering, storing to preparing, we ensure to reduce the preventable and non-preventable food waste of our customers on their locations. Vegetables, liquids, fruits, rice, pasta and cereal are the most wasted foods in France. Collective catering is affected by this and the actors in the sector must take action to fight against food waste, by working closely with each customer.


WasteWatch in Action

We fight daily against food waste. In this way, thanks to the WasteWatch program, our teams can easily collect information regarding food waste and set up actions targeting the evolution of everyone’s mentalities and behaviours. This program allows to identify and target the reasons of the waste for every location. It is then easier to set up the necessary changes. 


Learn and Improve

Our teams are trained and made aware of the responsible behaviour, through training and improvement programs, allowing everyone to reduce food waste and support the protection of natural resources and primary materials. By sharing good habits, good actions and good tools, the staff reduces wastage.

Responsible Purchasing

Since 1966, we are adding a social aspect to our mission. For us, it is essential that our development makes sense, as well as for our employees daily, as for our customers or providers in search of relations constructed on common values, as well as for our shareholders, driven by long-term development or even the millions of people benefiting from our services and who are certain of our positive impact. With this end in mind, we created the Better Tomorrow 2025, our commitment roadmap we are undertaking in terms of social responsibility.

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