A happy employee is a productive employee

Did you know that a happy employee is 55% more creative and 2 times less ill ? Care-free, the employees focus more on operational efficiency. The more they feel good within their company, the more they commit and invest themselves to their mission. Loyal toward the company and healthier, the employee will be grateful of the smallest attentions, provided by the company’s concierge services.

Stay focused on the essential…

The company’s concierge services allow to gain time with mobile services, such as taxi reservations, health services and well-being after osteopathy sessions and sport lessons ! The employee is relieved from daily worries : dry cleaning, shoemaking, and a gift catalogue is available for last minute attentions.

...we take care of everything to keep you smiling !

Our service facilitators are at your service, to inform you on our numerous services and to help you save time. Enthusiasm, agility and sense of service are commons features to everybody. Our concierge service strives to ensure providing you with the best customer service possible, in order to balance professional and personal life and bring a smile to everyone.

A proximity & trustworthy network

Our concierge Circles in Luxembourg, incorporates a whole range of tested and approved services. Offers that integrate our expectations regarding Quality of service, while proposing you attractive and negotiated tariffs. Contact us for further information on our concierge services

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