Our Objectives : Make your Children taste, grow and dream !

Present in Luxembourg’s educational sector for numerous years, we put the accent on the Quality of the proposed food service and we give a special attention to the product selection, among a range of organic, fresh, seasonal and local Luxembourgish products.

The Children’s Taste buds will love it !

Sodexo proposes daily, quality products from a rigorous selection of its suppliers. Our team of chefs elaborate delicious and tasty dishes for your children. For the taste, for them and for the planet we offer : an appetizing cuisine, focus on regional Luxembourg products, seasonality and well-being of the children and adolescents and their educational team.

A caring Workforce

Facing the school and nursery catering challenges, our staff demonstrates skilled pedagogy, by answering the needs of our young guests. Always a listening ear, they support the children, big and small, towards a healthier and well-balanced choice. A team of dieticians guarantees a well-balanced diet in the plates for healthy apprentice citizens.

A true responsible and reliable Partner at your Side

Awakening the senses of the young guests, is our mission. Supporting you in all your challenges, is our vocation ! We establish a reliable, responsible and local on-site management : recovery of staff, fight against food waste, thematic animations, management of allergens and annex activities, like the cleaning of your premises.

More than a Canteen, a living and discovery Space

Rediscover Luxembourg’s culinary heritage, take a trip around the world, through recipes from every corner of the globe, wear the Chef’s toque for a cooking workshop, or familiarize yourself with eco-citizen and responsible gestures. More than a meal, Sodexo offers a living space, with convenient times for trainings, sharing and discovery.