To feel just like “at Home » !

Every day, more than 650 employees in our 6 residencies, provide Quality of Life services, such as catering, laundry, care, maintenance, cleaning, etc. Our unique objective : help seniors age well !

Regain Autonomy through the Pleasure to eat

With the expertise and experience of our Sodexo Chefs, we offer a delicious cuisine, adapted to the tastes and needs of everyone in order to generate the desire to eat within the residents. Fresh and local products, diverse recipes and an alternative to mixed dishes are essential for giving back pleasure during the meals.

At the Service of the Residents

Caregiver, kitchen chef, educator, nurse, physiotherapist, cleaning staff, psychologist, hairdresser, etc. So many professions and professionals are at the service of the residents, guaranteeing their comfort and well-being. They animate daily games, intergenerational gatherings, zoo therapy, etc. For the enduring pleasure and fulfilment of the residents and their families.

Managing integrated Services

Sodexo operates over 20 professions (cleaning, laundry service, multi-technical maintenance, etc.) which support the Quality of Life of elderly people. We improve the efficiency of the organisers, by simplifying global maintenance, while respecting the established budget. With a single contact person, we enable you to focus fully on supporting the accommodated people.

Guaranteeing the Commitment of the Teams

Driven by a serving attitude and working with all their heart, our teams commit themselves daily with the residents. More than just catering, our services federate the whole establishment around the well-being of elderly people. The care, service and kitchen teams benefit from a complete training program, which contributes to their Quality of Life and develops their competencies.

Sodexo Seniors

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