An efficient waste management.

Since 2006, Sodexo is committed to the collecting and sorting of waste. Today, 100% of the waste produced by our activities are sorted, and 96% of the organic waste is valorised. Thanks to organic mechanisation, they are transformed into town gas, used by housed in Luxembourg-City. The residues are used for agriculture compost.

Beyond recycling and valorising, we now attach a great importance to reducing all of our waste. In order to limit food waste, we are aiming to reduce organic waste in our kitchens, thanks to a management and weighing program : WasteWatch, by Lean PATH. On the non-organic waste side, to reduce packaging, we work closely with our providers. Sodexo signed, beginning of 2019, the IMS Manifesto (Inspiring More Sustainability) and is committed to the “Zero Single-Use Plastic” initiative. In this context, Sodexo associated itself to the Luxembourg’s Government initiative : Eco-Box for take-away. And since, over 6.500 Eco-boxes are used daily on the different Sodexo locations.

In its cleaning service, Sodexo committed itself also in a “Cradle to Cradle” initiative, which principle is zero pollution and the 100% reutilisation, applied to the complete range of professional cleaning agents used by our cleaning staff.