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Catering and services

More than a profession, catering is sharing a passion which consists of pleasing and offering the guests, the discovery of a real experience. Discover the wealth of our professions !

Our professions
Collaboratrice Sodexo entrain de nettoyer un ascenseur

Cleaning and Maintenance

You wish to participate in the attractiveness of work and living spaces, or even guarantee their cleanness ? Discover the different professions we offer you, within our cleaning and maintenance services.

Our professions
Dietetiecienne Sodexo

Health and Care

You wish to help at the reception, take care of the well-being of the residents in our senior homes, or the patients in the hospital sector ? Discover the “health and care” professions within Sodexo.

Our professions
manager en reunion

Operational management

You wish to take operational responsibilities and are committed to valuing your employees and supporting them in their development ? Discover our Sodexo professions within the operational management sector.

Our professions
Collaboratrice Sodexo à l'accueil avec une cliente

Reception and Concierge Services

You are thorough and are capable of welcoming all customers in a professional way, while keeping an eye on their comfort ? Discover our reception and concierge service professions.

Our professions


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