A personalised Support within the Health Institutions

Establishments offering health services play a fundamental role in the development of our society : University Hospital Centres, private clinics or care homes, all of which must provide the best possible patient care.

Nutritional Experience

Because a clear link exists between what we eat, our health and our well-being, nutrition plays an essential role in the patient’s care pathway. It must give the patients pleasure and comfort. Our dieticians in the hospital setting adapt and create tailor-made menus, suiting their needs.

The Safety of Care

The management of infection risks and sensitive processes, within healthcare institutions, is a priority. The stakes can be huge, this sector faces important rules and procedures : the hospital cleaning requires an extreme rigour. To help you with this, Sodexo executes, evaluates and improves its logistic and infection risk management solutions.

Improvement of the Work Environment

Providing a quality healthcare experience, is part of the healthcare institutions’ preoccupations, which must fulfil these in the best way. We give you the keys of a favourable environment for an enhanced experience : cafeterias, boutiques; real living and break spaces for professionals, patients and their close relatives.

Quality of Life at Work

The quality of life at work for the health workforce, determines their efficiency and the health system’s. Our desire is to improve their everyday life, thanks to catering and concierge services, so they can focus on their core business, give all their attention to the patients and balance their professional and personal life.