Our CSR commitments #2: Protecting the environment

Published on : 2/1/22
  • Aware of the major impact that our daily actions can have on individuals, the environment and local communities in Luxembourg, Sodexo is committed and offers you a retrospective of our CSR actions taken in 2021.

    Finding solutions to replace single-use plastic

    As a signatory of the IMS manifesto “Zero Single Use Plastic”, which closed at the end of 2020, Sodexo Luxembourg has been deploying resources and finding alternatives to single-use plastic for over two years. We have eliminated single-use plastic stirrers, cutlery, bags and straws from all our sites. However, some single-use plastic products remain difficult to eliminate, especially for on-the-go consumption. Plastic water bottles are a good example.


    In the case of take-away sales, we opt for RPET containers. What is RPET? It is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic. It is therefore its own resource. Thus, the drinks and sushi trays we sell are made of RPET and are infinitely recyclable!

    Finally, we have replaced as much as possible single-use plastic packaging in favor of reusable glass containers for take-away sales with our range "La Collection - Freshly Made For You" and "Ma Langue Sourit & La Collection". 

    Raising awareness for eco-friendly actions

    Eco-responsibility is a major challenge for our planet. This is why we wish to intervene at different levels with simple gestures from each and everyone of us. Eco-responsibility begins with preserving basic resources. On a daily basis, we raise awareness among our employees through a campaign called “Eco-reflexes”: simple guidelines to follow to limit the consumption of water, electricity and production of waste on our sites. We also wish to raise awareness among our customers during their stay in our restaurants by offering them to use 100% recycled and unbleached napkins. In addition, all single-use paper used by Sodexo Luxembourg is Ecolabel certified.

    Eco-responsibility is also reflected in our waste management. 100% of it is sorted and 96% is recycled. In 2021, we have also deployed the “Leanpath”, a fully digital waste weighing tool, which allows us to adjust our recipes and manufacturing methods to limit food waste. This project was initially launched in pilot restaurants and will be progressively extended during 2022.


    To complete this cycle, in partnership with the Phénix* app, we offer our consumers the day's surpluses at a very reduced price. Each day, our teams encode in the application the number of baskets available after the service. On their smartphone, customers receive a notification, select a lunch basket and come to collect it in a defined time slot. A simple gesture and an additional eco-responsible action while enjoying yourself!

    Committing to biodiversity

    In 2020, Sodexo Luxembourg and Hunneg Këscht founded a partnership with the aim of preserving bees, protecting local biodiversity and promoting good organic honey from Luxembourg. We have followed our beekeeper partner Hugo Zeler throughout the year to discover his job and the virtues of his action in Luxembourg. As a responsible company, we have provided him with an electric vehicle (the 7th in service at Sodexo Luxembourg), a great work tool without carbon emissions. The honey produced is then sold in Luxembourg. A partnership that we want to last for many years to come!