Our CSR commitments #3: For the health and safety of our employees

Published on : 2/8/22
  • Aware of the major impact that our daily actions can have on individuals, the environment and local communities in Luxembourg, Sodexo is committed and offers you a retrospective of our CSR actions taken in 2021.

    #3: For the health and safety of our employees

    Improving the Quality of Life of ALL is our vocation. To best serve our clients, residents and consumers, we can count on our teams of over 2,100 employees in Luxembourg. Serving also means taking care of others, which is why the safety of our guests is essential, especially in the context of the current pandemic. What about our employees? What measures are we taking to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for them on a daily basis?

    In order to answer to this question, here is a focus on the workplace safety actions carried out for and by our teams in 2021.

    Safety at work is everyone’s business!

    The safety of our employees is Sodexo Luxembourg’s top priority. To make sure that they return home each day in good health, 100% of our employees are trained in risks and safety practices as soon as they are hired. The aim? To prepare them as well as possible to avoid accidents and to be able to act in case of emergencies.

    During this training session, they can discuss and ask questions to our QHSE experts. In addition, eight of our employees are “Designated Safety Workers” and are responsible for the company’s protection and prevention of occupational risks.

    This training, which begins when employees are hired, is constantly enriched with the “Safety Toolbox” presented by Managers to their teams during monthly meetings. Toolboxes are communications used to raise awareness on risky situations, on the proper use of equipment, or to adopt the right reflex to stay safe.

    Our managers from the Head Office also regularly organize “Safety Walks” on our sites. Their purpose is to discuss with employees about the safety of their workstations and to see if their work is done safely or if improvements are needed.

    Have a safe day, every day

    On the occasion of “World Day for Safety and Health at Work”, the SoTogether Luxembourg Diversity Network and the QHSE service joined forces to remind employees that their health is the priority of Sodexo, as well as the one of their loved ones. Accompanied by their families and children, our employees put forward a common message: "Have a Safe Day, Everyday".

    Near Miss Hunter

    In late 2021, we have also launched a new initiative to educate our teams about “near-misses” or “near-accidents”. Near-Misess are dangerous situations that could have caused an accident but did not have serious consequences this time. Our employees are encouraged to report and resolve them as soon as possible to avoid accidents in the workplace and strengthen our culture of occupational health and safety. Each “near-miss” detected, reported and resolved is an accident avoided.

    Convinced that everyone's well-being depends on attention, training and listening, we are committed to a “Zero Accident” approach. This approach is guided by three simple reflexes to be applied by each employee:

    The best way to achieve this goal in 2022 will be to continue these efforts by continuing to develop a safety culture aimed at preventing  accidents, injuries and health problems. “It all starts with the everyday” is why 100% of meetings at Sodexo start with a “Safety Minute” where an employee suggests a safety case or initiative to the members!