Sodexo and Phenix, together against food waste

Published on : 9/29/21
  • At Sodexo, we do our best to reduce food waste. As such, our overage meals are offered to our clients at a reduced price, thanks to a simple and effective application.

    Available since 15 September at the sandwich shop of our head quarter “Simply to Go”, these baskets are very popular to our clients of the Bourmicht industrial area in Bertrange. Those anti-waste baskets, very soon available in our other outlets and cafeterias, will offer to make ecology rhyme with economy.

    What is the anti-waste basket?

    It is a take-away dish composed with delicious overage lunches or a dish from “The Collection” at a reduced price. On a day-to-day basis, teams register in the application the amount of available baskets after the service. The client then receives a notification on his Smartphone. Afterwards, the client has to follow the instructions and retrieve the basket at the end of the day.

    One application, a few clicks, economy and an eco-responsible action. Hard to resist, isn’t it ?