Sodexo and Hunneg Këscht, a partnership for biodiversity

Published on : 2/22/21
  • Since 2020, Sodexo Luxembourg and Hunneg Këscht have formed a partnership that aims to preserve bees, protect local biodiversity, and promote good organic Luxembourgish hon

    The beekeeper, Hugo Zeler, is a passionate young man who has been practicing beekeeping for around 10 years. He shares his expertise, knowledge and services to individuals and companies. His role is to install beehives on the rooftops or in the gardens of Luxembourgish companies, he then ensures their maintenance, and takes care of the honey harvesting, its processing and its packaging. 

    By forming this partnership, Sodexo highlights its will to act as a responsible environmentally aware company. For the same reason, the beekeeper has at his disposal an electric vehicle: a great carbon-free working tool.

    Sodexo Luxembourg offers to its customers the installation of beehives to produce a 100% local and organic honey that is then available for their employees. If you are interested in this project, please contact our Brand & Communication department, at:
    Meanwhile, see you in a few months for a documentary on the honey harvest from our customers!

    Sodexo et Hunnegkëscht