Our CSR commitments #1: Supporting local communities

Published on : 1/27/22
  • Aware of the major impact that our daily actions can have on individuals, the environment and local communities in Luxembourg, Sodexo is committed and offers you a retrospective of our CSR actions taken in 2021.

    #1: Supporting local communities

    Suppliers, customers or communities… our will is to support economic development in Luxembourg and to provide assistance and resources to associations and individuals in need.

    Giving priority to locavorism whenever possible

    By associating with Luxembourgish partners and suppliers, we encourage the purchase of local products such as meat, fruit and vegetables whenever possible. Our catalog is regularly updated and contains over 1200 local products. Fourty of the catering facilities we manage are currently labeled by the "Sou Schmaacht Lëtzebuerg" campaign. The aim of this campaign is to give more visibility to products from the Luxembourg terroir and to inform consumers about the diversity of indigenous agricultural products and the benefits of locavorism.

    At last, with the aim of reducing our carbon impact by 34% by 2025, we set ourselves the target of reaching 50% of our purchasing volume in local products. This is an achievable objective by becoming even more involved with Luxembourg producers.

    Promoting Fairtrade

     Promoting fairtrade products is one of Sodexo’s main commitments. This is why we established a partnership with "Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg" since 2009, to support producers in the southern hemisphere, through products such as coffee, chocolate and bananas.

    Also, since 2016, Sodexo Luxembourg is in a partnership with the Peruvian cooperative APBOSSA. Since then, we have exclusively offered 100% fairtrade and organic bananas in all our catering facilities, where more than 460 tons of bananas have been consumed in 5 years. We will continue with all these commitments in 2022.

    Helping those in need

    Supporting local communities also means accompanying people in need. As part of the “Stop Hunger” program to fight hunger in the world, Sodexo has been working with the “Stëmm vun der Strooss” association since 2014, on projects to improve the daily lives of people in difficulty in Luxembourg. Thanks to the active participation of our employees and customers, each year we organize actions such as collecting clothes and materials that are then redistributed within the association. We also carry out annual sales of products specially designed for donations. We have raised more than €20,000 since 2014 thanks to these initiatives.

    Internally, our 2100 employees have the possibility to be part of the solidarity salary-rounding program. This is a fund composed of the remaining cents of the salary of employees participating. The total amount collected is donated once a year to “Stëmm vun der Strooss” and is used to finance daily meals. New voluntary actions and initiatives are planned in 2022.

    Finally, Sodexo is committed to “Noël de la Rue ASBL”, where we offer meals to most disadvantaged every December 25. In 2021, some of our employees have also volunteered to help organize and carry out the event.

    Supporting local communities can take many forms and in 2022, we'll show you new initiatives to achieve this!