Hot off the press! The 2020 Global Culinary Report

Learn what’s new and trending globally in food from the world’s largest food service provider, Sodexo. Coming straight from our on-the-ground and in-the-kitchen chefs, including our celebrity chefs and Michelin starred chefs, you will see what it takes to pull off some of the world’s most celebrated events.  See how we master the complexity of ensuring hungry fans are happy and top athletes are nourished and ready to win at the planet’s most elite games like Roland Garros, the Tour de France, or the Royal Ascot.

Discover new technology and innovation we use to create a community for our chefs and for everyday eaters to connect with their food in a more useful and inspired way.  Whether chefs from the top of the Eiffel Tower are sharing recipes with chefs in Brazil, or a patient is ordering (the right) food to be delivered bedside…we have an app for that.

Most importantly, we want to share with you the incredible talent, creativity, and passion in our chefs that fosters a true love of food, bringing you, and all of our hungry patrons, excellence every day.


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