Bananas that makes a difference !

Published on : 9/29/20
  • Banana is the most marketed fruit in the world and one of the most popular to European with more than 18 million tons exported per year.

    "It is cultivated in equatorial regions, most of them are from Latin America and the Caribbean. Multinational companies and large supermarket chains are more and more in control of the market and are imposing their production and delivery conditions. Small producers and workers at the beginning of the supply chain are paying the consequences. While promoting sustainable banana cultivation on plantations, the Fairtrade movement has been committed since 1996 to improve the situation of workers and producers working in the field. Today, Covid-19 destabilises our habits and affects the most vulnerable producers such as the ones located in Peru or in the Dominican Republic. More than ever, it is a necessity to support them. Fair Trade encourages banana-producing to withstand against Covid-19"

    Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg

    As a partner of Fairtrade Luxembourg, Sodexo Luxembourg partnered with the Peruvian cooperative “APBOSSA” in 2016 and has since exclusively offered Fairtrade-organic bananas in all of its catering services.

    Why did we make that choice? The Fairtrade-organic banana is certified by the German magazine “ÖKo Test” as the reference towards the consumer’s health and for its environmental sustainability.

    In addition, with the consumption of Fairtrade-certified bananas, our consumers contribute directly to the support of small banana producers in Latin America. In these difficult times, every little act counts. You too - while doing your groceries – opt for Fairtrade bananas and protect lives!