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SoTogether Luxembourg

Published on : 3/2/20
  • Our commitment to diversity and inclusion, is one of the cornerstones of Sodexo’s culture. In 2016, we created “SoTogether Luxembourg”, an accessible network for the whole staff.

    This network offers you several times a year, initiatives aiming to break stereotypes at the workplace, developing the mentalities and supporting the balance between professional and personal life.

    Our slogan ? “Together, we don’t do things half way”.

    Providing advice to our workforce and supporting high impact actions (conferences, workshops, etc. ...), “SoTogether Luxembourg” reflects the Diversity and Inclusion policy of the group.In this way, every year during the “Diversity Lëtzebuerg Day”, the network offers the employees, based on a voluntary cooperation, to change profession during one day, without any restrictions of training, age, gender or hierarchy. 

    This “Vis ma Vie” project, allows Sodexo to answer its own challenges : supports job mobility and internal promotion and evolution prospects, allows the leading team and managers to operate as “role models”, breaking stereotypes linked to certain functions (a cook can’t be a woman, a receptionist can’t be of senior age, it’s hard for a manager to share his sexual orientation, …), improving working conditions (operational managers are confronted to theirs staffs’ tasks, experimenting the daily challenges) or even generating respectful attitudes between the staff, by provoking Diversity (social origin, language, training, etc. … ).

    In 2017, this action has been rewarded with the “Diversity Award Lëtzebuerg”, where Sodexo had the opportunity to welcome Corinne CAHEN, Minister of Family & Integration and the Greater Region, who has tried the “Vis ma Vie@Sodexo” experience at the Konviktsgaart.

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