Combatting food waste

Published on : 9/29/22
  • This 29th of September, we are celebrating International Food Waste Day and the opportunity for us to showcase our initiatives.

    Sodexo Luxembourg is committed to cutting its carbon emissions by 34% by 2025. One of the ways in which we aim to achieve this goal is by reducing food waste.

    At Sodexo, food waste is reduced in two stages:

    - Via Leanpath connected scales, which are used to weigh the plates during food preparation and after the meal

    - Via the Phenix app

    With Phenix - installed in our restaurants and cafeterias - consumers get the chance to purchase the surplus and unsold goods of the day at reduced prices (-50%) at the end of the service. Available meals and products are published in the partner app.

    This system has been gradually rolled out since September 2021, and the app is now in use at seven Sodexo sales points, with others soon to follow.

    Over the past year, a total of 1125 baskets have been sold, representing 807kg of food that has not been thrown away. That’s equal to over 2.5 tons of CO2 saved.

    We’re very pleased with these highly encouraging results and plan to keep up the good work!