Launch of "We are Chefs"

Published on : 7/18/23
  • Sodexo Luxembourg is proud to announce the launch of "We are Chefs", the must-attend event that brings together all our culinary Chefs from all our business segments.

    A moment dedicated to them to share their talents, their passion and showcase their culinary diversity.

    It's a great opportunity to showcase innovation and change, and to challenge ourselves by following trends and adapting to the changing needs and expectations of our customers.

    "We are Chefs" also reinforces the feeling of belonging, thanks to the desire of our Chefs to come together, share their talents and pool their values. It's a great opportunity to exchange ideas, be receptive to change and discover new things.

    And so, on 21 June, in a convivial atmosphere, the power of the kitchen was on display to continue satisfying our customers. A short video clip of the afternoon:

    A big thank you to our colleagues in Food Services and the Purchasing Department, as well as to all the participants... and see you soon!