Plant Based, healthy and sustainable cooking

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Published on : 4/6/23
  • With Plant Based, discover balanced recipes composed primarily of foods of plant origin.

    "Plant Based" by Sodexo : a new way of consuming

    What is "Plant Based"? It's a diet made up of 100% plant-based foods. These are recipes made from raw, unprocessed natural ingredients: vegetables, fruit, unrefined cereals, pulses, nuts and seeds. Plant Based is also about recipes that honours Luxembourg and seasonal products. It is a tasty food with different textures and surprising new flavours. 




    Lets go to the food ecology!

    As we know, the planet has limited resources, and intensive agriculture coupled with deforestation and global warming is accelerating the process of soil impoverishment.

    With almost 9 billion people on earth, it is becoming essential to change our way of consuming to a more eco-responsible attitude.

    Our recipes developed by our consultant chefs are :

    • GOOD for the planet: by allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint with low-impact ingredients that use less water and energy. By reducing meat consumption, we are also acting on animal welfare!
    • GOOD for your health: with ingredients of high nutritional value to effectively supplement the body's needs and maintain physical and mental fitness. Eating more plants also helps to prevent many diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.


    Assiette Plant Based

    At Sodexo, our Plant Based recipes are characterised by :  

    • 100% plant-based foods,
    • 100% natural ingredients, 
    • 100% whole grain, 
    • superfoods, 
    • local and seasonal products.


    Each week we are committed to serving a Plant Based dish in all our restaurants.


    Discover all our healthy and tasty recipes to continue eating well with a clear conscience!