« Sodexo Luxembourg, is 40 years of territorial anchorage and over 60 partners, where we deliver daily our Quality of Life services. Sodexo is above all a service company, which mission is to simplify your everyday life through our values : spirit of service, team spirit and spirit of progress.

The world changes, evolves and we are determined to participate in this transformation to meet your expectations, but also to anticipate your needs in the future. Innovation is in our DNA, we have taken the turn of digitalization, of technologies and are developing new trends for your plates.

But most of all, we must not forget that Sodexo is a responsible company. The environment is at the centre of our preoccupations, we use, buy and invest locally and durably !

Finally, within Sodexo, the human being is at the heart of our activities with two major issues : well-being and diversity. Our biggest asset, our best ambassadors, our 1.200 employees, women and men from 41 different nationalities, who contribute daily to improve the Quality of Life of our consumers in Luxembourg. Our talented, dynamic teams, endowed with their recognized know-how, are at your disposal and will provide you the best in every circumstance.

“ And what if we imagine together your Quality of Life ? ”

Julien Demoulin
CEO of Sodexo Luxembourg

SoTogether Luxembourg

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion, is one of the cornerstones of Sodexo’s culture. In 2016, we created “SoTogether Luxembourg”, an accessible network for the whole staff. 

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