Closing the loop

Published on : 9/30/21
  • With the objective of reducing its carbon emissions by 34% by 2025, Sodexo is taking action and launching a virtuous project within its cleaning activities to reduce waste and preserve resources, while promoting the sustainability of the used materials.

    Together with our partner Tork, we have implemented Tork PaperCircle: an innovative process for recycling paper towels.

    Used hand towels are disposed of by staff or visitors in separate  bins after use. Sodexo cleaning staff then place their contents in a special container which is then collected by Essity. These collected towels are then processed and recycled into new paper products, ready for use!

    This process reduces the carbon footprint by at least 40% compared to current waste management options. Each year, a certificate is published stating the volume collected and the amount of CO2 saved thanks to this solution.

    The European Investment Bank (EIB), our long-term partner, has committed to the implementation of this process since April 2021. This innovative technique allows us reducing residual waste by 12% in all the Bank's buildings, and is a fine example of circularity by transforming its waste into resources!