Welcome Sally, our robotic colleague!

Published on : 2/28/20
  • A truly unique employee has just joined the Sodexo teams in Luxembourg !

    Sally is a Taski Swingbot 2000 robot, an ultra-modern and efficient automatic cleaner. Equipped with 360-degree vision as well as obstacle detection and avoidance functions, Sally can work independently for several hours. In total, she can clean a surface area of almost 4,000m2 each day at our client's premises. Moreover, she is a connected device and sends a detailed report at the end of each assignment.

    Beyond the technological sphere 

    Cleaning requires a high level of mobility of service agents and covers a wide variety of activities. In this regard, the recommended robotic systems make it possible to automate certain repetitive and time-consuming tasks. These robots can also relieve the pain caused by repetitive movements at work.

    Sally was “hired” for this purpose: to make a cleaning agents' job easier and to improve productivity during floor maintenance. She thus provides technical support to our employees.

    Sally's technology also limits her ecological impact. She consumes less water and fewer cleaning products as compared to manual cleaning.

    At the heart of innovation

    Sally is an intelligent, ecological tool that further enhances the quality of life of our employees. Our objective is not to use this type of equipment widely but it is our ambition to offer you cutting-edge solutions in your sector of activity. We continually seek to take advantage of technology to achieve sustainable goals and promote innovation that has a positive impact on our customers each and every day.